Bedrock Edition 1.16.210
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Bedrock Edition

Planned release date


Development versions

1.16.210 is an upcoming minor update to Bedrock Edition with no set release date, which will add new ambient sounds to the Nether, and fixes bugs.[1][2]



  • Added new ambient sounds to the Nether.[3]
    • Different sounds play in each Nether biome.


Command format[edit]

/clone, /fill, /setblock
  • Added new slash command options for passing in a list of block states to set on the block being spawned.
  • Now removed entirely from the game.


  • Fullscreen can now be toggled with F11 keyboard shortcut.
  • Broadcasting options are now completely removed from the game, since Mixer streaming services are no longer available.


Vanilla Parity
  • Pouring water on Top Snow no longer creates snowballs.
  • Using bone meal in warm ocean biomes now only generates sea grass, coral, and coral fans (MCPE-100085).
  • Players are once again able to join servers when the server has view-distance set to 4 or less (BDS-8855).
  • Animations for custom mobs based on vanilla actor types for their "runtime_identifier" (such as Pandas and Polar Bears) will now work properly (MCPE-95898).
  • Brought back capability to rejoin a server after it has been suspended and resumed.
  • Updated outdated loading screen tips (MCPE-98977, MCPE-102293).
  • Shulker Boxes no longer lose their inventory when undyed in cauldrons (MCPE-108196).
  • Added new logic for mobs dismounting rideables.
  • This also introduces a more fine grained entity height check allowing different dismount places for entities of different heights.
  • The player will no longer dismount into liquids (lava or water) from rideables such as boats.
  • Sign in failures now have a more helpful error message and provide error codes.
  • Mining a Crimson Hyphae with Silk Touch now returns a placeable block.
  • In all worlds created with the same seed, the same chest will now always generate the same content in the same order (MCPE-72432).
  • Double Chests placed at chunk borders don't become partially invisible and don't crash the title when they are opened (MCPE-106030).
  • Golden Apple and Enchanted Apple now have colored hotbar text when selecting them (MCPE-64427).
  • Fixed a bug where parrots could fly upwards indefinitely.
  • Zombie villagers spawned from zombie spawners on Marketplace worlds that were created after version 1.11 now correctly spawn as V2 zombie villagers. When cured, they will now correctly turn into V2 villagers.
  • Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Skeleton Horses, and Zombie Horses can now properly be given custom names, and identified using their respective "runtime_identifier".
  • Fixed an issue with maps rendering over transparent objects when attached to item frames in RTX worlds.
  • Reduced ghosting of fish when viewed through the water with DLSS enabled.
  • Fixed the screen reader not reading the title on the Permissions screen.
  • Changing RideableComponent property rotate_rider_by to function for custom mobs.
Achievement Screen
  • Removed the input legend of the Achievement page Summary panel when narration is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the scrollbar could be hidden behind the input legend.
  • Fixed achievement details page getting its content hidden behind the Input legend.
  • Updated size of achievement reward frame.
  • Updated frame art for locked achievements.


  • 1.16.210 has the highest patch version number across all editions, at "210".